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Pay Per Response Advertising
We've been promoting businesses with our Pay Per Response campaign for over 17 years, the package has evolved over this time but the concept remains the same - you only pay when we generate a response for your business. A response, also known as a 'lead', is generated when someone completes an online form to request more information about your type of business. We offer online tools to help you manage the response, you can tell us how many leads you would like each day and pause / restart the advertising campaign at any time.
Customer Survey 2009
Over 85%
of users recommend Pay Per Response to their friends and colleagues.

The Price
The lead price varies depending on how qualified the lead is and whether it's a national lead or one from a specific area. The more precise your target area, the more the lead will cost. The price starts from £1.49 with a minimum of £149.00 + VAT to start a new advertising campaign. The price per response and minimum start up cost may vary depending on the type of business that you are looking to promote, please contact us for more information.

No Risk, Cost-Effective Advertising
Why take unnecessary risks when promoting your business? We can build an advertising campaign that will guarantee results at a set price. We don't charge you for placing an advertisement, only when you receive leads from the advertisement.

Compare your current advertising against a Big Advertising campaign.
Please use our cost comparison tool to compare your current advertising methods with a Big Advertising campaign - the tool will open in a new window, click here.

How are the leads generated?
We specialising in generating recruitment leads - these leads are priced between £1.49-£4.00 per lead. If you are not looking for recruitment leads, we can generate other types of leads if you have a significant monthly budget - to discuss this further please contact us.
I believe this service that you offer is second to none ... I just wish I knew about this years ago.
Lee Pattinson
This has given me some excellent prospects and I look forward to using this campaign to grow my business.
Angus MacLennan
A number of my best retail distributors have come directly from my BA campaigns - so BA works.
Tony Peacham
I have tried other leads before and Big Advertising provides better quality leads.
Marguerite Bennett
This is an excellent, controlled cost effective way of getting leads, when YOU want them.
Philip Linsey
In March I had three sign ups from my campaign in the required areas.
Sheila Gwillam-Winter
... people join our business through this campaign and some of them are now building businesses of their own.
Caroline Harris
The campaign has been at the core of the growth of my business.
Veronica Martinucci
This service does exactly what it says on the tin.
Michelle Beardmore
I will always use Big Ad due to the excellent service. Thank you.
Amanda Holland
I have tried cheaper advertising ... not a patch on Big Advertising.
Chris Ellis
The quality of leads I have received has been outstanding...
Graham Charnley
To see the quotes in full and for more quotes from satisfied customers, click here.

Control and Flexibility
Your advertising campaign can be managed online using the Campaign Manager. This is a simple but powerful tool designed to help you manage your advertising campaign. It's free to use and gives you total control over your advertising. You can also use this tool to request replacements for responses that you don't think that you should have paid for. You can speed up, slow down and pause your advertising campaign at any time - you can schedule it to automatically restart when it suits you. You can run your campaign seven days a week, just on weekdays or only at the weekend.

Free Auto Responder System
The Pay Per Response advertising campaign comes with a free built-in auto responder system. An auto responder is an automatic email that responds to the enquiries from your advertising campaign within seconds. It takes just a few minutes to set up your auto responder online in your Campaign Manager or you can ask a member of the Big Advertising team to set it up for you.

All leads automatically plugged into our hugely popular Contact Manager
If you're looking for an advanced email and SMS text message follow up system our Contact Manager is our most popular subscription service. You can use it to follow up the response from your campaign over many months with personalised, scheduled messages. You can also use it to send regular promotional messages to leads you've previously received. You can take advantage of a free trial when ordering a campaign.
Free SMS Alert
If you choose to send email information to prospects with our free auto responder or Contact Manager tool we'll automatically send a free text message to the prospect to encourage them to check their email and junk / spam folders. This greatly increases the amount of people that read and act upon the email information. The message is sent within an hour of the response. An example is shown on the right, you'll notice that the message arrives from 'FREE INFO' - it's not possible for the prospect to reply or call the number. They must contact you directly using the contact information supplied in your email. In our experience, we've found that sending a text message alert to the prospect can increase the response rate of your email by 50-100%.
SMS alert sent to prospects.
Never Pay for a Useless Response + 5% Over Delivery
In the 17 years offering our Pay Per Response advertising campaign we've been constantly training our intelligent filters to prevent duplicate responses, useless and incomplete responses getting through to your campaign. However, occasionally one might slip through. We are happy to replace responses that you can't use - that includes prospects you can't call and people under 18. Just request a replacement - we'll confirm it within 7 days and issue a replacement.

In addition to this, we offer all advertisers 5% over delivery on their advertising campaign - this means we send you 5% for free. For example, if you order 100 we'll send you 105.

Receive leads within just a few hours
Subject to availability, your advertising campaign can start straight away and we'll send you the first available lead which could arrive within just a few minutes of placing your order.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why do you require a minimum payment to start a campaign?
We ask for a minimum payment to start a new campaign so that advertisers receive a good sample of responses. If we were to allow initial orders of 10 or 20 responses we do not believe that this would be a fair sample size. A fair sample size is important so that you can accurately evaluate the results from your advertising campaign.
How can I make payment?
You can make payment online or over the telephone using most major credit/debit cards. You can make payment by postal order or cheque by post. You can also make a payment by BACS transfer - for more details please contact us.
How long will the first payment last?
It's entirely up to you, the credit will run out when you have received all of the responses that you paid for. You can tell us how many responses you would like to receive each day. For example, if you ordered 100 responses at 5 per day, your first payment would last 20 days.
What happens when I've received all of my responses?
As the credit on your campaign starts to run low you will see a message at the bottom of your responses to tell you that the campaign is due to expire. When you see this message, simply top-up the credit on your campaign by telephone or through your Campaign Manager and your advertising campaign will continue. The minimum top-up amount is 15 responses.
Where do these responses come from?
Every response from your advertising campaign will come from someone that is actively looking for your type of business. We target these people using our highly targeted Big Advertising Network.

The Next Step

If you would like a member of staff to call you about this package or if you would like to contact us please click here.