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Contact Management
What is Contact Management?
Contact Management is a service we offer to existing customers, it includes very powerful features that help manage important business contacts. These features are made available through the Contact Manager - a user friendly tool online 24 hours per day.

How much does it cost?
The Contact Manager is available by monthly subscription. The lowest subscription level costs just £5.99 per month but we recommend the Standard package at £7.99 per month for most users. For more information about the levels of subscription please see 'Choosing a subscription type' section below.

What can the Contact Manager be used for?
You can use the tool to automatically follow up prospects from your website and/or advertising campaign, keep in touch with your team members, colleagues and customers. The Contact Manager can send messages by email and SMS text message.

You can also use the Contact Manager to manage your prospects, team members, colleagues and customers. You can make notes, record details of conversations, update contact information and much, much more.

CM Survey 2008
would recommend Contact Manager

Flash Demonstration
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Managing contacts
The Contact Manager includes a wide range of features for managing your contacts:
  • New contacts automatically added from your Big Advertising website or advertising campaign instantly.
  • Manually add new contacts in seconds.
  • Make notes on contacts and record details of conversations for future reference.
  • Full history of every email, click, SMS text message, note and communication recorded for every contact online in a clear simple list.
  • Fully searchable contact list - never lose another lead again.
  • Group your similar contacts together - e.g. 'Hot Leads', 'Serious', 'Casual'.
  • Keep the details of your contacts up to date.
  • Download a full list of your selected contacts quickly and simply.
  • Print address labels for one or multiple contacts in seconds.
  • Subscribe to our Advanced package at £14.99 per month to use the Contact Diary. A great way to schedule follow up calls, appointments and much more. We can send you email and SMS reminders about entries in your diary.

Communicating with contacts
The Contact Manager includes a wide range of features to make communicating with your contacts quick, simple and professional:

  • Each message personalised for each contact.
  • Automatically send multiple scheduled email and SMS messages to any contact using an auto responder.
  • Broadcast personalised professional emails and SMS messages to hundreds or thousands of contacts in minutes.
  • Compose and store templates to use again and again when sending messages to any of your contacts.
  • Immediately send email and SMS messages to individual contacts in one click.
  • Send documents to your contacts and be notified when they're downloaded.
  • We automatically record which contacts clicked on which links within the email messages you send.
  • View every email or SMS message sent by the Contact Manager.
  • Every message sent to your contact is recorded in a simple list.
  • Use the content analyser to analyse your email messages - helping you avoid the spam and junk mail filters used by most email providers.
  • Email "bounce backs" and undeliverable email is automatically handled by the Contact Manager.
  • Your contacts can opt out and manage their contact preferences at any time.
It has helped me grow my business enormously
Carolyn Blaxall
It's allowed me to strike while the iron is hot
Seph O'Connell
...taking my business into the 21st century
Andy Medlam
To say that I am pleased is a huge understatement.
Seamus Houghton
The system is fantastic!! I will carry on recommending it to everyone
Steven Curtis
I have had prospects ring me before I've had chance to follow up. That is amazing!!
Veronica Martinucci
It is really helping me build my business, but if it had not been for your amazing online support it would have been a lot harder.
John Shearer
With Contact Manager my business is on auto-pilot
Debra Williams
Could not run my business without it!
Sharon Davis
A fantastic system and excellent service
Mart and Pauline Newman
To see the quotes in full and for more quotes from satisfied customers, click here.

Compliant with all anti-spam and anti-junk mail regulations
All email messages sent out through the Contact Manager comply with all UK and International anti-spam and anti-junk mail regulations. You don't have to worry about being accused of sending spam or junk email.

Simple, powerful features
The Contact Manager has been built with our customers in mind. We believe that you shouldn't have to be an Internet expert to communicate professionally and efficiently with your business contacts.

The Contact Manager is user friendly and intuitive allowing you to communicate effectively and efficiently with all of your contacts using our simple tool.

Build your business automatically
The auto responder system included in the Contact Manager allows you to send hundreds of email and SMS messages out every day automatically. You can concentrate on running your business while the Contact Manager automatically sends personalised professional messages promoting your business.

Automated personalised SMS messaging
The Contact Manager includes automated, personalised SMS messaging capability. This means you can automatically respond to the enquiries from your website or advertising campaign by SMS text message within minutes. Each text message we send appears to come from your mobile number allowing the contact to respond by text or call you direct.

Official data shows that Britons send over 1 billion text messages per week * and there are more mobile telephones in the UK than people! SMS text messaging is becoming an essential part of any marketing campaign.
* Source: Mobile Data Association Sept 2007

Low cost SMS messaging - 25 free with subscription
SMS text messages sent through the Contact Manager cost just £0.08 + VAT per message - cheaper than a standard "pay as you go" mobile. We're currently offering 25 free SMS text messages with every new Contact Manager subscription.
Help every step of the way
We offer many help tutorials and FAQ's to show how to use the various features of the tool. Once you've set up your subscription a member of the Big Advertising Team will be happy to show you how to use the Contact Manager or even set it up for you - free of charge.

No contracts or minimum term
You will be billed each month for your Contact Manager subscription. There are no contracts - we're confident that you'll find the Contact Manager a highly useful tool for running your business. However, you can cancel your subscription at any time and at no extra cost.

Online immediately
Your Contact Manager will be online immediately after you've set up your subscription. It will already include many responses recently received through your Big Advertising website(s) and / or advertising campaign(s).

2008 Contact Manager Survey
We value the feedback from our users and conducted a survey towards the end of 2008 asking for positive or negative feedback, suggestions or comments. In a survey of all Contact Manager users, the tool received an average rating of 8.4 out of 10 by those that responded with a third of all respondents rating it a perfect 10 out of 10.

Also, of those that responded 97.5% would recommend the Contact Manager. The feedback and suggestions made by users were all reviewed by members of the Contact Manager Development Team and many suggestions have already been implemented.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is an auto responder?
An auto responder is a tool that can be used to automatically send follow up messages to your contacts over a specified period of time. The Contact Manager includes an auto responder feature. For example, if someone responded to your advertising your auto responder could be set up to automatically send an instant follow up email, then an SMS follow up an hour later. Followed by another email after 3 days and one more after a week. Your auto responder can be set up exactly as you like it and there are many advanced features available.
What is a broadcast?
A broadcast is a feature of our Contact Manager. A broadcast can be used to send a message to multiple contacts at the same time. The message can be sent by email or SMS text message. For example, you could send every one of your contacts an email or SMS about a new promotion or special offer.
What is the most popular level of subscription for the Contact Manager?
The Standard subscription is the most widely used and includes most features of the Contact Manager. This subscription is recommended for most users.
I have more than one Big Advertising campaign / website, do I need a Contact Manager subscription for each?
No, you can have as many websites and advertising campaigns as you like - you'll only ever need one Contact Manager subscription.
Can people opt out of receiving messages from me?
Yes, a contact can opt out at any time by clicking a link printed at the bottom of each email we send on your behalf. The contact also has other options for changing their contact preferences.
What happens if people accuse me of sending spam?
The Contact Manager has been built to be compliant with all national and international anti-spam laws and legislation. All contacts added to your Contact Manager must 'opt in' by completing a form or clicking a confirmation link an email before you can send them any messages through your Contact Manager. Contacts are given every opportunity to stop messages from you at anytime. However, if you are accused of sending spam and a complaint is made we will work with you closely to resolve the issue.

Choosing your subscription type
There are various levels of subscription available for the Contact Manager but we recommend the Standard subscription for most users, it costs £7.99 per month. You can upgrade or downgrade your Contact Manager subscription at any time. Please use the chart below to compare the various levels of subscription. All prices are excluding VAT.

  Advanced Auto Responders
    Content Analyser
      Maximum number of contacts stored in Contact Manager
        Send documents with messages (attachments)
          Max. document size (MB)
            Max. monthly document download limit (MB)
              Make notes on contacts
                Contact download
                  Advanced contact download
                    Add contacts manually
                      Videocasting limit (number of videos per month)
                        Contact trigger limit
                          Manage team members and colleagues
                            Manage customers
                              Contact Diary
                                Contact Credit Price
                                  Follow up limit per auto responder
                                    Email limit per month
Type                                     Price per month
Standard25003501003£0.08105000 £7.99
The Contact Manager is only available to existing customers. To become a customer please contact us. If you're already a customer please log in - click here.