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Text Words
What are Text Words?
Text Words are an additional service that we offer to our Contact Manager subscribers. Text Words are words that people can text to a number to learn more about your business. For example, you might promote your business in a newspaper with a special offer, at the bottom of your advertisement you could include TEXT OFFER TO 07800 000 380.

Try it for yourself
Go ahead, TEXT OFFER TO 07800 000 380. It costs the same as a standard rate text message and demonstrates exactly how someone would request information about your business. You'll receive our personalised automated response by SMS text message within seconds.

Why use Text Words?
Official data shows that Britons send over 1 billion text messages per week and there are more mobile telephones in the UK than people! SMS text messaging is becoming an essential part of any marketing campaign. Text Words connect your business to this massive potential market and provide another method for your target audience to respond to your advertising. Big Advertising Text Words are automatically integrated into your Contact Manager so that new enquiries can automatically receive your auto responder email and SMS follow up messages.

Why not just use my own mobile phone?
The Big Advertising Text Word service replies within seconds - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and can be fully integrated into an Auto Responder consisting of many email and SMS follow up messages.

Advertising your own mobile telephone number in an advertisement can result in unwanted calls from salesman and canvassers. The Text Word service offers a simple, fast, hassle free way for genuinely interested people to request information from you.

How does it work?
When promoting your business you have the option of advertising your Text Word, just like your telephone number. For example, 'TEXT OFFER TO 07800 000 380'. As soon as someone sends a text message beginning with your Text Word to the specified number, the process begins.

We immediately respond asking for other information (e.g. name, email and/or address). Once this information has been supplied we collect it together and email it to you instantly in one simple email. The contact is also added to your Contact Manager and can be automatically added to your Auto Responders and Contact Groups. The speed and simplicity of the service will impress your prospects and make a great first impression on them.
Flash Demonstration
Watch a Demo of Text Words

What happens if they don't reply with their details?
If the contact does not reply with their name, email or land address we can automatically send them your customised reminder message after a set time. For example, we could automatically send out a reminder if they haven't replied with their details within 6 hours. If they haven't replied with their details within 24 hours we will automatically email the mobile number to you so you can call them directly for their information.

Many great Text Words still available
Text Words are offered on a selection of numbers allocated to our service. This means that some Text Words have already been taken or reserved. However, there are thousands and thousands of possibilities. To see some suggestions that are available now click below. You could be using Text Words to promote your business within minutes.

To check the availability of a specific Text Word or see some suggestions click here.

How much does it cost?
The cost of the Text Word service varies depending on your usage, we have a package to suit most budgets. The cost is broken down in the table below starting with the Text Word 1 package at £3.99 per month. Each package includes a certain amount of free contacts per calendar month. If you exceed this limit each new additional contact that month costs 2 Contact Credits (0.20).

Text Word Package Comparison  = Recommended for most users
Text Word Package No. of Text Words Monthly Contact Limit Monthly Cost
Text Word 1 1 20 £3.99
Text Word 3 3 30  £5.99
Text Word 5 5 50 £7.99
Text Word 10 10 120 £15.99
For example, the Text Word 3 package would cost £5.99 per month. This would give you up to 3 Text Words and would allow you to receive 30 contacts per month free of charge.

No premium rate numbers
The cost of texting the number is the same as the cost of a standard text message. We don't profit from someone requesting information about your business.
No contracts or commitment
You can cancel your Text Word service at any time, there's no commitment or contract. Simply a monthly renewal.

Help every step of the way
We offer many help tutorials and FAQ's to show how to use the Text Word service. Once you've placed your order a member of the Big Advertising Team will be happy to show you how to set it up or even do it all for you - at no extra charge.

Online immediately
Your Text Word package will be online immediately after you've placed your order.

Frequently Asked Questions
What happens if someone calls the number that I advertise?
The number does not accept incoming calls, the only way for someone to find out more is to send your Text Word to the number advertised.
What happens if someone makes a spelling mistake when texting my word?
The Text Word must be spelt correctly for the system to automatically deal with it. However, incoming messages are also manually reviewed by a member of the Big Advertising Team regularly.
Is the Text Word case sensitive?
No, if your Text Word was OFFER you could receive responses from people texting the word OFFER, offer, Offer or OffER.
What happens if I receive multiple responses from the same person?
Only new contacts will be added to your Contact Manager. If the mobile number used is already stored for one of your contacts we will simply update your existing contact.
Will the people that respond to my Text Word receive other information from Big Advertising or will Big Advertising sell on their details?
Absolutely not. All of the information recorded by the Text Word system is solely for your use. It will not be supplied to any third parties at any time.
What happens when someone sends a question to my Text Word before sending me their details? For example - 'How much does it cost?'
If someone texts your Text Word to the number we'll reply with a message that asks them for their name, email and/or address details. At this stage, if they ask a question we'll email all of this information to you and highlight the fact that we couldn't find their details. You can contact the person directly using the mobile number supplied to take their other details and answer their questions.
What happens if someone texts my Text Word and then doesn't reply with their name, email and/or address?
The contact automatically enters your Contact Manager as soon as they send the first message. We offer the option to send a reminder to the contact if they haven't responded within a set time period. We still send the contacts mobile number to you by email if they haven't responded within 24 hours and the contact will stay in your Contact Manager as 'Inactive'.
Am I charged for SMS text messages on my mobile phone bill?
No, the SMS messages sent through your Contact Manager only appear to come from your mobile phone. You are billed for these SMS messages through us and they will not appear on your mobile telephone bill.
The Contact Manager is only available to existing customers. To become a customer please contact us. If you're already a customer you can set up your Text Word package by clicking the 'Text Words' link under 'Promote Your Business' please log in - click here.