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Recruitment Leads
We specialise in recruitment leads for the direct sales and home business industry. We've been developing lead services for the industry for over 18 years. Over the years we have run tens of thousands of campaigns and generated millions of leads.

In 2015 we launched our new lead platform, it replaced a range of different campaigns being offered. Read on to find out more about the new platform, for more information about how the new lead platform improved upon the old one click here.

Two Schools of Thought
We've spoken with many thousands of network marketers over the years including many of the industry's leading entrepreneurs and there are two schools of thought in the industry - The Numbers Game and Quality Over Quantity. Some advertisers look for high numbers of reasonable quality, low priced leads (the 'Numbers Game') and some look for lower numbers of higher quality, more expensive leads ('Quality Over Quantity'). If you have been promoting your business for a little while you'll already know which camp you're in.

You Choose
We provide you with optional filters and features so you can choose whether to receive low price leads in high volume or higher quality leads in lower volumes. Both methods can be extremely successful and can also be combined to produce terrific results. Try both and compare your results, the experts know that price per lead isn't everything, to compare various types of lead you should compare your price per sign-up.

Optional Filters
Our campaigns offer you optional filters which give you unrivalled control over the leads you receive. The filters available depends on the business you're promoting. The full filter list is:
  • Target the whole UK, a certain region (e.g. North West), a certain postcode (e.g. LS, Leeds postcode) or a specific target area (e.g. 10 miles around your home).
  • Target men or women or both.
  • Filter out students.
  • Only receive people that were born in the UK or have been resident for at least 5 years.
  • Target people of a certain age (e.g. 20+, 30-59, etc).
Optional Features
Our campaigns offer you optional features which give you flexibility and control over your campaign. The filters available depends on the business you're promoting. The full filter list is:
  • Set a daily limit on your leads.
  • Receive leads on set days (e.g. Monday-Wednesday).
  • Tell us how many times you want to pause your campaign each month.
Defined Campaign Targets Instead of Daily Targets
We invented 'daily quotas' in 2004, offering a way to receive a regular amount of leads each day, it was the first time anyone had offered anything like it in the industry and it was extremely popular. It quickly became an industry standard, adopted by most other lead providers. Although daily quotas are ideal in theory they rarely work as smoothly in practice when you have a large amount of advertisers looking for a large amount of leads. Some days (e.g. weekends) are naturally slower for lead generation than some others (e.g. Monday - typically the busiest day). Bank holidays, hot weather and major news and sporting events all effect the amount of leads that can be delivered on a daily basis. Daily quotas are also unsuitable for those only looking to run small campaigns, e.g. 20 leads per month.

We have made the decision to stop offering a 'daily quota' and instead offer a more consistent, reliable way for you to receive the amount of leads you are looking for. We understand that most advertisers set themselves a recruitment target, perhaps to qualify for an incentive. In most cases, advertisers calculate that to hit their recruitment target, they need to receive a set amount of leads by a set date. This is exactly how our campaign works. We ask you three simple questions:
  1. How many leads would you like to receive?
  2. When would you like lead delivery to start?
  3. When would you like delivery to be completed?
Based on your answers to these questions we build a campaign to suit your requirements. This means that you can book a 7 day, 7 week or 7 month campaign. The start and end date is totally flexible and entirely up to you.

The Highest Quality Leads for Free
Everyone is searching for the highest quality leads at the lowest price, or even for free. The great news is that these leads do exist, the bad news is that they don't start arriving until you have achieved success in the business over many years and they arrive in such low volumes that they are often not sufficient to hit your recruitment targets. In our opinion, the highest quality leads that you can generate for free are recommendations from friends, converting your existing customer base into team members or the chap in the queue at the petrol station who asks what you do when you park your brand new car on the forecourt. The advent of social media has made it easier to generate your own leads for free on the internet but only if you don't count your time as a cost.

In our experience, the top recruiters in the industry rely on a consistent, reliable lead source for themselves or their team to keep their business growing. That's what we specialise in.

Quality, Volume and Cost
We've found that there are three main factors when it comes to lead generation - the quality of the lead, the volume of leads you can receive and the cost of those leads. Cost should be counted in hours and minutes, as well as pounds and pence.

If you have free time available or a low advertising budget you'll be better going with the 'Numbers Game' approach. If your time is expensive and you're experienced in dealing with leads you could be better suited to the 'Quality Over Quantity' approach. If you've employed a team of quality people to work the leads, we would recommend the 'Numbers Game' approach.

Advice for New Starters
If you're new to lead generation we would recommend starting with the lowest priced leads possible. It's well known in the industry that a lead is only as good as the person following it up, there can be quite a steep learning curve involved in following up leads and you are likely to make mistakes with your follow up when you first get started, everyone does. It'll take time to perfect your approach. It's better to perfect your technique with the lower priced leads.

The Contact Manager Factor
Our most successful advertisers use our popular Contact Manager service. This service is designed to help you manage and make the most of your leads. It costs just £7.99+VAT per month and you can take a free trial when you place an order for any of our lead services. The Contact Manager thrives on contacts, the more contacts you have stored in the Contact Manager the harder it will work for you. Some advertisers order large quantities of lower priced leads to make the most of their Contact Manager and work the more expensive leads personally over the telephone.

Please contact us to tell us the name of the business you are promoting
We have campaigns available for a range of business opportunities but we don't know what business opportunity you are promoting. If you have a referral code from a colleague or team member please enter it in the box on the rop right hand corner of our website. Alternatively, please contact us to discuss.

We have provided the answers to some frequently asked questions below, if you have a question which isn't covered in our FAQ please contact us and we will be pleased to answer it for you.
Frequently Asked Questions
How much exactly do the leads cost?
The starting lead price is shown for each website. The lead price you pay depends on the amount you order as well as the features and filters you activate on your campaign. Lots of filters and features might mean that your lead price is actually double the Ďstarting lead priceí. No filters and features, a large order and a regular billing plan could mean that your lead price is up to 30% less than the starting lead price.
How many leads per day will I receive?
We'll do our best to spread your leads out as evenly as possible. Some days are better for lead generation than others so there will be a little variation, if you prefer you can set a strict limit that weíll never exceed but this costs a little more.
How long should the campaign run for? A week? A month? 3 months?
It's up to you, typically advertisers set their campaign start and end date based on a recruitment target. There's discount for bigger orders so it makes sense to order for at least 4 weeks if you have the budget for it. Some advertisers place an order for the next 12 months to benefit from bulk discounting.
If I place an order now is it possible to add some extra filters and features later?
Yes, you can transfer your order credit to a new order any time you like. We donít recommend transferring it to often because this makes it more difficult for us to meet your target.
How old are the leads when I receive them?
Seconds old, they're real-time leads which means we send them to you the moment we receive them. If you call the prospect the moment you receive the lead you may find them still on our website!
I understand that the leads come directly from the website but how do they get to the website?
We advertise the website on search engines, partner websites, by email and SMS promotion. We guarantee that every lead has come from the website so you know exactly what the prospect has seen.
What happens if I receive a bad lead?
We see the contact telephone number as the key piece of information. If the lead has an incorrect contact number we will replace it. We cannot replace a lead if any of the other data is incorrect. We can't replace a lead if that person doesn't sign-up, it's your responsibility to convert the lead. We can't replace a lead if they claim to have never responded, this should be extremely rare.
What about duplicate leads?
Our system makes it impossible for you to pay for a duplicate lead. If someone responds again within 30 days we will send you an email to tell you that person is still looking. If itís after 30 days it should be considered a new lead but it will be extremely rare that you receive a lead 30 days after the original request.
What if I reach the campaign end date and you havenít delivered all of the leads?
The reason we ask for a campaign end date is so we have a target to work towards. Occasionally the campaign may overrun by a few days but we'll work hard to deliver the leads as quickly as possible if this happens. After all, we know you won't order more until youíve had the leads you've paid for so it's in our interest to deliver them by your campaign end date.
If I setup a billing plan, will you still bill me if you havenít delivered all of the leads?
If you choose to setup a billing plan we will take payment on the campaign end date only if we have delivered at least 75% of your leads. In most cases we will have met your target by the campaign end date but if we have delivered less than 75% we will contact you by email to ask what you would like to do.
How do I receive the leads?
We send the leads to you by email. They are also made available in our popular Contact Manager service.