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New Lead Platform
What is it?
The 'Lead Platform' is the technical machinery behind the scenes that chooses who to send leads out to. It's a complex algorithm that works hard to make sure that we send the right leads to the right advertisers at the right time.

Our new lead platform works differently to any other, providing reliable delivery to hit your long term lead generation targets. The new platform is quite simple, we ask you three key questions:
  • How many leads do you want?
  • When should delivery of your leads start?
  • When should we complete delivery of your leads?
These three simple questions give you huge flexibility without rigid daily, weekly or monthly targets. Your answers to these questions also give us consistent demand and a fixed target to work towards.

One simple service called..... LEADS
Over fifteen years we developed a range of services appealing to different advertisers and budgets - AdShares, Pay Per Response, Recruitment Alerts, Pay Per Response Plus. Each campaign offered different filters and features. They were hugely popular but the different terminology and pricing confused some advertisers, especially new starters.

In mid-2015 we replaced all of these services with one simple service called 'LEADS'. The optional 'bolt-on' filters and features that we offer on this new platform mean that we can still provide leads at a range of prices, qualification and quality.

Bulk Discounts and Billing Plans
With the ability to order campaigns for many months at a time, we have built in bulk discounting options with savings on orders of 100 leads or more. We have also built in a 10% discount for advertisers that choose to setup a billing plan.

More Information
To see what campaigns are available on our new lead platform click here.