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Loyalty Reward System

Our Loyalty Reward System is our way of saying 'Thank You' to the loyal customers that recommend our services to their friends and colleagues.

Some Big Advertising services are paid for with a one-off payment and some services are paid for monthly. We've designed our Loyalty Reward System so that you receive a handsome reward no matter how a customer chooses to pay.

There's various types of credit that can be added to your Loyalty Reward account:

Referral Credit
Referral credit is issued when a new customer that you refer to Big Advertising makes a payment. As a referring customer you will receive 10% of the first payment made, or 50% of the first monthly amount that a new customer agrees to pay - whichever is highest.

Referral credit can be spent on any Big Advertising services. You can also use your referral credit to create Big Advertising vouchers that you can give to your friends or colleagues.

Referrals will be tracked on purchases made through our website at using a referral code. Referrals will also be tracked on payments made over the telephone where possible. We will ask the caller who referred them to Big Advertising and the credit will be awarded to the referring customers account.

Other Credit
Credit may be issued by Big Advertising staff for a wide variety of reasons.

Please see the example scenarios below to learn how the system works.

Example Scenario 1
1. David recommends Big Advertising services to his friend Rachel.
2. Rachel decides to purchase advertising services from Big Advertising and makes a one-off payment of £100.
3. David's account is credited with £10 Referral Reward Credit (10% of first payment).

Example Scenario 2
1. David recommends Big Advertising services to his friend Rachel.
2. Rachel decides to purchase a service from Big Advertising for £20 per month.
3. David's account would be credited with £10 Referral Reward Credit
(50% of Rachel's first monthly payment).

Important Information
1. Loyalty Rewards can only be awarded to Big Advertising customers.
2. Referral credit can only be awarded for referring a new customer
(someone that has never made a payment to Big Advertising).
3. Referral credit will only be awarded on the first payment made.
4. Loyalty Rewards will be issued within 48 hours of the payment date.