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Easy Website Package
Our Easy Website Package is a professional, reliable and cost effective website solution. The standard package includes 3 pages. The first page tells your visitors a little about your business. The second page asks them to complete a simple form to request further information and the last page includes a simple message that thanks them for their request.

Our Easy Website Package is designed to encourage people to respond to your advertising and request further information about your business. You do not need any experience in website design or website hosting, all you need to do is read your e-mails. We have a wide range of professional design and content templates for all tastes.

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The Traditional Method of Advertising Your Business
The traditional method of advertising your business is to advertise your telephone number. Many people who see your advertisement may be very interested in your business but unsure about dialing your telephone number because they fear a high pressure salesperson could answer their call. A telephone number can also be difficult to remember when you only see it for a short time - when it is advertised on posters or on a vehicle for example.

When someone responds to your advertisement and calls your telephone number the call can be answered in person, by an answering machine or voicemail. When the caller leaves their details on an answering machine or voicemail system, this information is often unclear and retrieving this information can be time consuming.

The Easy Website Package Offers an Alternative
Our Easy Website Package is ideal for gathering the response from your advertising. Instead of advertising just your telephone number, you can advertise your telephone number and domain name (also known as web address).

A simple domain name is much easier to remember than a telephone number and an effective website can double the response from your advertising. The Easy Website Package will increase the response from your advertising because most people feel more comfortable visiting a website than making a telephone call. Some of our customers receive 90% of their enquiries through their Easy Website Package and only 10% by telephone.

This is how the Easy Website Package works:
1. You advertise your business as usual, but include your website address.
2. People see your advertising and type your website address into their internet browser.
3. They request further information about your business by completing the simple form.
4. This response is sent to you instantly by e-mail.
5. You follow up the response at your convenience.

To see a fully working example of our Easy Website Package please click here.

60 Design Templates to Choose From or Create Your Own
We have 60 professionally designed templates for you to choose from. These templates have been designed by our expert graphic artists. To see the design templates in a new browser window please click here.

If you have your own ideas about how you would like your website to look we can create a custom design just for you.

Choose From 10 Content Templates or Write Your Own
You can choose from 10 lots of professionally written content or write your own content for your website.

Easy Website Package Price
Our Easy Website Package offers tremendous value for money. Your wesbite could be online today for only £11.98 + VAT. The price of the Easy Website Package is broken down into two sections - setup and maintenance.

If you select from one of our 10 expertly written content templates and one of our 60 professional design templates the setup cost is just £7.99. Alternatively, If you would like your own custom design or content the setup cost is £49.

All prices are subject to VAT charged at 20%.

Content & Design Template One-off set up cost
Big Advertising Templates
Choose from a wide range of content and design templates.
Write / design your own content and email it to us.

The maintenance cost includes the management and hosting of your website. We offer a payment plan to suit all budgets. Choose to pay monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Payment Plans Maintenance cost
Pay Monthly £3.99 per month
Pay Quarterly £9.99 per quarter
Pay Yearly £29.99 per year

Domain Names
To advertise your website effectively you will need a domain name. A domain name (also known as a web address) is what people type into their internet browser to get to your website.

If you already have a domain name then we can point your domain name at your new website free of charge. If you do not have a domain name then you may be interested in our domain name registration and leasing services. The prices of our domain name registration services are shown below.

Domain Name Registration Yearly cost / / £7.99
.com / .net / .info / .biz / .eu £15.99

Speed, Reliability and Performance

Your website will be hosted on our own dedicated servers in a state of the art UK data centre. This means that your website will be quick to download and browse, it also means that your website will be extremely reliable.

Online Within 1 Hour
If you choose one of our templates, your website can be up and running in an hour. If you have requested custom design/content then we aim to have your website up and running within 3 working days.

Online Management Tools
You can manage your website online with our free Web Manager tool. You can use the Web Manager to view the responses from your website, manage your domain names and much more.

Free Auto Responder System
The Easy Website Package comes with a free built-in auto responder system. An auto responder is an automatic e-mail that responds to the enquiries from your website within seconds. It takes just a few minutes to set up your auto responder online in your Web Manager or you can ask a member of the Big Advertising team to do it for you.

Search Engine Friendly
Our Easy Website Package is designed with search engines in mind. It is built using some of the latest search engine optimisation techniques to give you a good chance of receiving free exposure on the major Internet search engines.

Great Value Domain Name Registration
Big Advertising offer great value domain name registration. We offer registration services for all of the major UK and International domain names. We also offer domain name registration for selected European domain names. All domain name registrations will be made in your name.

4 Business Opportunity Domain Names Ready to go!
If you're looking for a quality domain name that's easy to remember, you might like to choose a domain name from our domain name list, these domain names have been registered by Big Advertising over the last 20 years. The list contains 4 business opportunity related domain names and you can lease these domain names on a yearly basis, many can also be leased quarterly or monthly. Prices range from £29 to £199 per year. You can see the full domain name list in step 1 of The Next Step.

Free Help, Advice and Support
The friendly Big Advertising Team will be available every step of the way to help you setup your website and answer any of your questions. We don't believe in charging our customers for help and advice. We offer simple, friendly support and advice at no extra charge. No premium rate support lines or complicated help systems - simply call or e-mail us and a member of our team will deal with your enquiry within 24 hours.

No Contracts, No Hidden Fees
There are no contracts with our Easy Website Package and you are under no obligation to renew your website. We have no hidden fees, the price you see is the price you pay.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I change the content of my website?
Yes, you can change any part of your website. E-mail us with the changes you would like to make to your website and we'll try to make the changes within 2 working days.
How many changes can I make to my website?
The Easy Website Package includes up to 5 design/content changes per year.
How long does it take for the response from the website to arrive at my e-mail account?
The response is sent to you instantly. Depending on the speed and reliability of your e-mail account it should arrive within just a few seconds.
Can I change my website and publish webpages myself?
The standard Easy Website Package is not directly editable by you. You are not able to change any of the files on your website. This is because most of our customers have a limited knowledge of website development and it is much easier to e-mail us with any changes that you would like made to your website, we try to make all changes within 2 working days.
I already own a domain name, can I use it with an Easy Website Package?
Yes, in almost all cases we can use your domain name with an Easy Website Package. We can give you simple instructions to show you how to forward your domain name to your Big Advertising website or we can do it for you.
Do I own the domain name that I set up with Big Advertising?
If you register a new domain then the answer is yes, any domain name you register through Big Advertising is registered in your name. If you lease a domain name off our list, the answer is no. We have registered these domain names over the course of many years and they are registered to us.
How can I make payment?
You can make payment online or over the telephone using most major credit/debit cards. You can make payment by postal order or cheque by post. You can also make a payment by BACS transfer - for more details please contact us.

The Next Step
There are 5 simple steps to set up your new website. To set up your website online now please click one of the 'Go' buttons below to get started. After you have completed each step you'll be brought back to this page.

1  Choose a domain name for your website (optional)
2  Tell us how you would like your new website to look
3  Tell us what content you would like to use for your website
4  Tell us if you would like to pay monthly, quarterly or yearly
5  Add it to your shopping basket and make payment