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With developments in Social Media, savvy advertisers are turning to Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube and more to promote their business. The great news is, self promotion using social networks is free but it can be difficult to advertise your business effectively without the right tools. SmartSites provide all the tools you need to promote your business through Social Media and more traditional forms of advertising. For Contact Manager subscribers there's no on-going cost for SmartSites, just a low one-off setup cost.
What is a SmartSite?
A SmartSite is a ready built multi-page website written by our expert copywriters and designed by our professional design team. SmartSites are designed to generate interest in your business and are optimised to get the best possible response. Social Media plugins including the Facebook 'Like', 'Tweet' and 'Google +1' allow your visitors to share your website with their friends, which will drive more free traffic to your site.

The 'My Party Plan' SmartSite - View Sample
A website dedicated to generating Party Plan leads for Kleeneze advertisers. The website explains the party plan model and how prospects can make money by promoting Kleeneze through Party Plan although it doesn't mention the company by name. The website includes an editable 'About Us' page.
Cost: £49.00 + VAT - Order Now

The 'Deliver and Collect' SmartSite - View Sample
A website dedicated to generating Catalogue Delivery leads for Kleeneze advertisers. The website explains how prospects can make money by delivering and collecting catalogues with Kleeneze although it doesn't mention the company by name. The website includes an editable 'About Us' page.
Cost: £49.00 + VAT - Order Now

To make the information below clearer, please tell us which SmartSite you are most interested in. The example links and info below will change based on your choice.
My Party Plan   Deliver and Collect   

What's Included with a SmartSite?
Everything you need! Our SmartSites include everything you need for a one-off amount, there's no ongoing charges which means you really can generate Free Leads Forever.

Your SmartSite includes two web addresses, an email address, professionally written auto responder, social media plugins, email signature, free banners and more.

Great Web Addresses
When placing your order you can choose your own keyword. Your web address will be, you'll also be able to advertise too (this is called a subdomain).

For example, if you selected the keyword 'example' you could promote your website using or - both would show your website and all leads would be sent to you by email.

If you prefer, you can point your own domain name at the site - you can point any domain name at a SmartSite whether it's a Big Advertising domain name or a domain name you have with another provider.

Professional Email Address
We'll automatically setup an email address for you at so if you chose the keyword 'example' we would automatically set up a new email address People can email you using this email address and all email will be forwarded to your current email account, there's no setup needed - it's all done for you automatically.

If you prefer you can setup a POP3 email account which means you can send as well as receive email through your SmartSite email address. There's no extra charge for this.

Professionally Written Auto Responder
We'll automatically setup a customised auto responder specifically for your Deliver and Collect SmartSite with 5 follow up emails (for Contact Manager subscribers). The free auto responder provided is written by our copywriting experts and will automatically follow up your leads. The follow up messages supply more information and encourage the prospect to contact you. If you prefer you can edit and add to the auto responder or setup your own auto responder entirely.

Social Media Plugins
Your SmartSite automatically includes the Facebook 'Like' button, Google '+1' and the 'Tweet' button. These buttons will allow your visitors to share the website with their friends even if you don't use Facebook or Google+. If you intend to promote your website using Social Media these buttons allow your visitors to pass the message on.

Help to Promote Your SmartSite
We'll provide you with a promotional email signature that you can include in all of your outbound emails, we'll also provide you with professional banners and links that you can post on the internet to promote your website. We'll even get you started with some ideas for your first few Facebook status updates.
Order a Domain Name (optional, you can always add one later)
Some people would prefer to have their own domain name instead of advertising If you already have your own domain name please setup your SmartSite and then contact us about pointing your domain name at it. If you would like to register a new domain name with us please click here.

Speed, Reliability and Performance
Your website will be hosted on our own dedicated servers in a state of the art UK data centre. This means that your website will be quick to download and browse, it also means that your website will be extremely reliable.

Online Instantly
Your website will be online at within seconds of payment including all Social Media Plugins. Your subdomain and email address go live within one hour of payment. Your auto responder will be ready within 72 hours and your email signature and promotional banners will be provided within 7 days.
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I make changes to the website?
No, you can not make changes to the content of a SmartSite. Some sections can be customised but the majority of the content is fixed. You'll be invited to supply content for the customisable sections of the website when you setup your SmartSite.
How can the website be free forever?
For Contact Manager subscribers there's no on-going cost for a SmartSite. Simply keep your Contact Manager subscription active and your SmartSite will be active too. If for some reason your Contact Manager payment fails, your website won't go down straight away - you're allowed a certain grace period before your website is no longer active. This should give you time to re-activate your Contact Manager payments.
What if I stop subscribing to the Contact Manager?
If you choose to stop subscribing to the Contact Manager you will be charged the website fee each year, with your first yearly payment due 12 months after you setup your SmartSite. Your SmartSite will work as normal but some SmartSite promotion tools that are supplied through the Contact Manager will no longer be accessible.
I don't have the Contact Manager, can I still have a SmartSite?
Yes but we strongly recommend using a SmartSite with the Contact Manager. If you don't use the Contact Manager you will be required to pay the website cost each year. Please contact us to discuss this.
I don't use Social Networking sites, can I still have a SmartSite?
Yes, absolutely. A SmartSite is a great way to get started. Your SmartSite is the first step in promoting your business for free with Social Networks. If you prefer, you don't need to advertise using Social Networks at all - the website works just as well when promoted on business cards, flyers, stickers, online and offline advertisements, etc.
Can I advertise my SmartSite online and with traditional advertising?
Of course, your SmartSite is written and designed to get the best possible response to any advertising. You can promote it in any way you like.
I would like to own my SmartSite domain name, is this possible?
When you setup a SmartSite you are given two web addresses to promote the site, these web addresses use a Big Advertising domain name. We're committed to keeping this domain name online, fast and reliable for all SmartSite users. If you would prefer not to advertise your business using the main SmartSite domain name you can point your own domain name at the website. You can register your own domain name through us or through any other provider, we can point it at your SmartSite.
Will leads from my SmartSite appear in my Contact Manager?
Of course! Every lead you receive through your SmartSite will be inserted into your Contact Manager so that you can send broadcasts, make notes, diary entries and more.
What happens if I advertise my site and my visitor forgets to put my keyword after the domain name?
We call leads generated through the main domain name 'Orphan leads'. Orphan leads are generated when visitors don't enter a '/keyword' in the web address. Orphan leads are sent to the nearest SmartSite user. This is the fairest way to distribute these leads.

The Next Step
There are 2 simple steps to set up your new SmartSite. If you would like to set up your new website over the telephone please call a member of the Big Advertising team during office hours on +44 (0)1270 25 25 25 - we will be happy to talk you through these steps.

If you would like to set up your website online now please click one of 'Go' buttons below to get started. After you have completed each step you'll be brought back to this page.

Before following the steps please tell us which SmartSite you would like to order. To order more than one SmartSite please place your first order and return to this page.
My Party Plan   Deliver and Collect   

1  Provide information for your new 'Deliver and Collect' website
2  Add to shopping basket and make payment